News: Gofron 2010 - AIM Event, 4th place finish Green Bay, WI
News: Mike Gofron 2010 AIM - Fifth Place in Brimley, MI
News: Gofron sets PWT Record: 37 Top 10 Finishes

Mike's Tips

Mike Gofron - Professional Walleye Angler

In spring, when water is cold, think slow presentation and small bait; as water warms up, speed up presentation. Typically, in spring, water is going to be dirty; go with high visibility baits like chartreuse.


“The knowledge learned from Mike will stay with me for a lifetime, not only for walleye but for other species as well.”

“He is down to earth and a quality representative of the PWT.”

“In one day of fishing, I learned more about boat control, fishing with in-line weights, confidence in presentation and spots, and diligence and discipline to fish hard all day.”